Con-Men Visits Anime Boston this April 2017!

Once a year, thousands of fans gather together in celebration of their favorite anime culture right in the heart of Boston at the Hynes Convention Center. This event features special guest celebrities from Japan, and the United States.  The event will feature various artists, voice actors, rock stars, cosplayers, and fans of all types. From panels, workshops, gaming, contests, and main events; it’s no wonder why Anime Boston had an attendance in 2016 of over 28,000 guests; and they keep on growing!

Con-Men has been privileged to attend and cover this massive event. We are very excited, but want to know a few things from our friends, fans, and viewers.

1. Will you be attending, vending, cosplaying, paneling, running a workshop / main event?
Click Here to answer.

2. We will be shooting live at different times throughout the weekend, and we want to know if you would like to be interviewed? If yes, at the show, or ahead of time?

We look forward to seeing you there and stay tuned for more to come…

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