Here at the TerrifiCon after party, located on the rooftop at Mohegan sun, we encountered both, “The Future Heavies,” and “High Adventure.”  Both bands are relative to the northeast, and in our opinions AWESOME!  What makes them awesome?  Could it be their wardrobe, their songs, their instrumental value, or their ensemble?  That’s right!  You guessed it!  All of the above!  Check out these cool photos of this unique Con-Men experience, feel free to share our photos all over the internet.  We have the originals if they are in need.  Plus, an all new High Adventure music video in the making!  OOOOOHHHH IT”S SO EXCITING!!!! – – – – CON-MEN!!!

Part 1 – Sound Check

Part 2 – The Future Heavies

Part 3 – High Adventure

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